Free Services

The Best Christmas Begins Here.

We strive to help you have the very best Christmas. We offer several premium services FREE with the purchase of your real Christmas tree.


Our friendly staff will shake your tree to remove any loose needles.


Baling makes your tree easier to handle, place on your car and bring into your house. Once home, a simple snip of your scissors will reveal your beautiful tree.


We offer free drilling for our guests who use our recommended Stand Straight Tree Stands.

Why Use Stand Straight Tree Stands

For over 25 years we have personally used and recommended these tree stand. No screws to mess with, these stands are designed to hold you tree up nice and straight. Here are a few simple tips on how to use our tree stands.

  • Make sure your tree is drilled at Stokoe Farms (it takes a special bit.)
  • Once home, place the spike in the hole at the bottom of the tree and push in.
  • Take a hammer or rubber mallet and whack the center weld at the bottom of the stand. Aim straight, and be careful not to hit the bucket.
  • The stump should be less than 1/2 inch from the bottom of the green bucket.
  • Stand tree up and make sure its firmly on the stand. Cut off baling twine and adjust tree by spinning it in the stand.
  • Add water to stand and check daily. Add water as needed. Always keep a minimum of 1” of water in bucket and DO NOT let it run dry.
  • Enjoy your beautiful real Christmas tree.