Solar at Stokoe Farms

We Are 100% Solar Powered

At Stokoe Farms we are grateful of the gifts we have been given by our ancestors. Preserving our heritage and being good stewards of the land is how we mindfully live each day.

In 2014 we partnered with O’Connell Electric & Rochester Solar Technologies and installed 74 solar panels on our Cut Tree Barn and Restrooms. These panel supply nearly 100% of the farms yearly electrical needs. During the winter, spring and warm summer months, when the farm is closed to the public, our solar panels harness the unlimited energy of the sun and then back feeds electricity to the grid and the farm receives credit for that energy with National Grid. When the Fall Harvest Fest and the Christmas seasons arrive and we begin to use more energy, we use those credit that we have banked.

The solar panels on the barn have a 50+ year warranty, and will see very little drop off in productivity during that time. You are able to see how much energy our panels are making, and how much CO2 we are saving by heading over to our Fun Barn/Cut Tree Barn. Take a look at the screen on the converter that is placed on the west wall of the barn.

While a full solar installation is not for everyone, we can all take steps to save energy and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.