Heifer and Crop Farm Division

Selden Stokoe & Sons Crop division is located at 711 Bowerman Road. This division of the farm grows field crops, has a grain drying and storage facility and is run by cousins Kim and Greg. Please contact Kim at 585-330-5381 if you are interested in our customer hire services.

The Stokoe Farms dairy heifer replacement operation is centered on Rts 5 & 20 in Avon, New York and is run by Debra Stokoe.  Stokoe Farms has raised dairy heifer replacements on our farm for over 100 years.  The animals range in age from 1 to 2 years old, at which time they are ready to have a calf and enter the local dairy herd.  The Avon farm was purchased in 1992, and can house 500 head.  Family and a few employees feed and care for the heifers.  All heifers on the farm BVD negative, and we work with Genex on their breeding program.  The heifers from our farm are content, well grown and productive as they enter the local dairy herds.  The operation is classified as a medium CAFO and is DEC permitted with continuous monitoring for best practices for conservation stewardship.

Stokoe Family Dedication to Conservation

Farming has always been a conservation minded business. Our grandfathers could use the same piece of bailing wire 10 times and still make it last 15 years. Today, we are running lighter, leaner and greener, all in the effect to reduce what we use, protect our environment and conserve for our future generations.

Some ways that Stokoe Farms family contributes:

  • The farm utilizes Cornell’s Integrated Pest Management Program
  • Crop residue is managed to minimize soil erosion as well as improve utilization of fertilizer
  • Heifer manure is strategically managed and placed to obtain the best utilization and reduce usage of manufactured fertilizers
  • The farm has over 7 miles of CRP buffer strips to protect our waterways from runoff, sedimentation and increase wildlife habitat
  • All of our chemicals are purchased and transported in reusable/ returnable 250 gallon tote containers
  • All of our seed is purchased in 50 unit reusable/returnable prounit containers
  • We are fitting equipment with GPS controls and steering which enables us to reduce crop inputs and diesel fuel consumption, while increasing product placement accuracy and input efficacy
  • Live dynamic records for better business decisions  *Installed a tower grain drying system that reclaims the heated air in the drying process, conserving tremendous amounts of energy
  • Installed energy efficient fluorescent lighting in our shops to reduce energy consumption  *Heifers are fed a by-product from local vegetable processing plant
  • Proud members of Monroe & Livingston County Farm Bureau
  • Farm shop utilizes bulk oil for equipment maintenance, saving tremendous amounts of plastic containers from being discarded.