Trees for Troops
Being separated from loved ones during the holidays is one of the most trying times for military members and their families...

Trees For TroopsWhile there is no substitute for togetherness, the Trees for Troops program gives just a little joy to service members and their families during Christmas. Since 2005, over 122,000 Christmas trees have been donated and delivered to military families in more than 65 bases across the US and seven bases overseas.

See more information at Christmas Spirit Foundation...

Here is a postcard from one of our service men:

Troop Postcard Christmas Tree

Stokoe Farms has participated in the Trees for Troop program by donating 40 trees every year since its inception.  In 2012, farm customers and local Legions raised money to provide an additional 38 trees which were delivered to Fort Drum NY. In addition, 63 trees and decorations were sent directly to local service personal serving overseas.

This year, you and your family can contribute in two very special "Trees for Troops" programs.

The first program: For a $30 donation, you can sponsor a tree as part of this program (see for more information). Click the PayPal donate button below!

The second program: For a $75 donation, Stokoe Farms will send a tree directly to a member of the military *from the greater Rochester area* who is stationed overseas. You and your family can provide your own handmade ornaments for an extra-special touch, or Stokoe Farms will supply the decorations before we package the tree. What a way to let Rochester-area servicemen and servicewomen know how much we appreciate their efforts to keep our world safe! It is a wonderful family activity. Make ornaments and deliver them to Stokoe Farms by November 14th so we may package them with your tree. Click the PayPal donate button below!

If you would rather, make checks payable to:Stokoe Farms Donation Fund
Mail to: Stokoe Farms, 10163 Union Street Scottsville, NY 14546

For further information or to help with the program contact:

Suzanne Stokoe 585-889-0770
Trees for Troops
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